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Managing Your Executive Career

At The QTI Group, we value executive talent, and we seek to cultivate a long-term relationship to help talented executives proactively manage their careers.

We know that searching for a job can be frustrating, whether you are currently employed or in transition. Unfortunately, we can’t promise to have just the right job for you at just the right time - no executive search firm can - because our roster of job opportunities is driven by the current hiring needs of our clients.What we can offer you is transparency, privacy, fairness and guidance.


We give you the tools and information to understand our areas of expertise as recruiters, monitor our fast-changing inventory of opportunities and express interest when you see a strong fit. We list open positions on our website and invite confidential applications. To see our roster of executive searches currently underway, please visit our Search for a Job page and select the filter to view executive-level positions.


At The QTI Group, we respect your privacy. We do not share your resume or personal information with any employer or other third party without contacting you for your express permission, as more fully noted in our site’s Privacy Policy .


When you apply for one of The QTI Group’s executive positions, you receive fair consideration. We review every resume diligently, on equal footing, without favoritism. Our professional mission is to find the best-matching talent for every opportunity.


We strive to be a resource for meaningful career guidance, whether you are in an active job search or not. Please take a look at our Quick Links Tab in the upper right corner of the page for original articles written by our executive search team, covering a wide range of issues and concerns in executive-level career management and job search.

Thank you for your interest in The QTI Group. We hope to be a valuable partner in helping you manage your executive career.




We are continually adding to our list of active Executive search opportunities.  Click here to see a sample of our current searches.


Chief Executive Officer at a leading statewide industry association

Chief Executive Officer at a regional chapter of an international diversified philanthropic organization

Chief Executive Officer at a private law partnership

Chief Executive Officer with a Dane County non-profit organization

Chief Financial Officer at a leading health insurer

Chief Information Offiicer of a higher education foundation

Director of Internal Audit at large institutional investor

Vice President of Human Resources with a technology sales and services organization

Vice President – Senior Business Lender with a financial services organization

Chief Financial Officer at a privately-held consumer products distributor

Chief Financial Officer at a major private scientific foundation

Chief Financial Officer at a retail distributor

General Counsel at a Wisconsin based utility

Head Trader at an institutional investor


Exciting New Jobs