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Sales Compensation

Sales and incentive plans are vexingly difficult to design. Take the wrong path and you are sure to slide into a troubling sales pathology (e.g., cannibalizing sales channels, fighting over account ownership, land-lording customers, selling the wrong products and commission gamesmanship).  

Enter The QTI Group. We’ve designed our fair share of highly successful plans, and we know how to create sales plans that get results. 

Specifically, we offer you:

  • An understanding of incentive techniques—tempered with an appreciation for the practical aspects of incentive plan administration
  • An approach that emphasizes improving sales force performance through targeted incentives that align with sales strategy
  • Experienced consultants who work directly with you rather than selling the project and passing off the work to less experienced colleagues
  • Extensive experience with sales incentive design, modeling and communications
  • An expert who will challenge your sales force assumptions and facilitate a customer-centric discussion of how your sales force can add value

We will help uncover the underlying assumptions in your sales plans such as:

  • Landing new customers takes no more effort than taking an order from an existing customer
  • Margin on all products is the same
  • There are no minimum expectations for sales people 

The discussions we initiate often lead to job design changes, territory realignment, sales strategy and sales organization changes that have tremendous impact on sales performance.  

Our view of the incentive design process is all encompassing. We consider decisions such as segmenting markets, identifying buying preferences, intelligently deploying sales resources and identifying key target prospects. We’ll help you create goals that reward top performers like top performers. We’ll help you motivate your sales force to engage in strategic activities that build customer relationships with long-term value. 

We believe in thoroughly modeling new plan designs so that the best performers are paid very well without receiving unearned windfalls — while you understand how the plan will operate under many different scenarios. 

The QTI Group loves challenges. Let’s talk about your sales and incentive goals.  Whatever your need QTI's experts in Sales Force Compensation can help.





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Here are some of the current projects we are working on:

Performing an executive compensation study for a health care management organization.

Conducting a base compensation and structure analysis study for a property and casualty insurance company.

Updating base compensation and structure, and assessing the benefits package of an energy resources and efficiency organization.

Performing an executive compensation study for a nonprofit biomedical research organization.

Developing human resources career ladders for a utility.

Completing a global executive compensation study for a large international biotechnology company.

Conducting a base compensation study for a private university.

Performing a benefits package analysis for a large nonprofit organization.

Providing ongoing human resources management services, including strategic planning, job description development, and market pricing to a nonprofit manufacturing services organization.

Kicking off an executive compensation project for a biotechnology company.

Updating base compensation and making adjustments to the pay structure of a large business association organization.

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey for a youth and leadership camp.

Performing an executive compensation market analysis study for a health care organization.

Conducting a staff base compensation market analysis for a large nonprofit organization.

Updating base compensation market pricing and adjusting the pay structure of a health care services organization.

Providing succession and transition plan development guidance to a foundation.

Conducting a staff base compensation study for a nonprofit advocacy organization.









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