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Executive Compensation

Looking for an opinion on compensation?

The QTI Group has the expertise to help for-profit and not-for-profit organizations ensure executive compensation is fair, market driven, and aligned with stakeholder interests. We can guide not-for-profit organizations through a process that creates “rebuttable presumption of reasonableness” and we can help for-profit organizations design plans that increase total shareholder value.

QTI Consulting is frequently called upon to provide an independent evaluation of the reasonableness of compensation compared to a benchmark group of similar organizations or organizations of similar size and scope.  We work with Boards as an independent, trusted partner.

Case Study: Two boards, one direction.

Two long-term QTI clients asked us to help them build consensus on important compensation issues. With multiple constituencies and a changing labor market, they knew they needed a respected partner and an open process. We ensured that all opinions were heard and we successfully brought both organizations to consensus through a deliberate, results-oriented process.

The experience repeated a pattern we have noted before Compensation Committees need:

  1. Reliable market data on all forms of compensation.
  2. A partner that all stakeholders know will adhere to the principles of independence, fairness, equity, transparency and respect for the organization’s mission and the community.

Strategic Compensation Design

We view it as our role to work closely with the compensation committee to design executive incentives that reward the difficult balancing that executives must perform.  We know sound plans must reward short- and long-term performance, investment and efficient use of resources, innovation and core business growth.  We understood compensation risk long before the Wall Street meltdown and we have a gut feel for what is fair, reasonable and aligned with the market. 

QTI Consulting experts design executive compensation programs that are built upon organizational strategy, aligned with shareholder interests and are competitive, defensible and motivational.

The broad spectrum of executive total rewards (base salary, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, perquisites, benefits and intangibles) has seen significant changes with recent regulatory developments, governance pressures and corporate scandals.  We are on top of national labor market changes and we know the Wisconsin labor market like the back of our hand.

QTI Consulting will work with your Board to guide them through the planning process and establish a competitive mix of executive rewards that equitably and defensibly reward your leadership team.



See the 2015 Human Resouces Planning Survey for Wisconsin.

Bank compensation planning used to be easy but that has changed.  Here are some tips to help instill confidence again.

Learn About Renewed Government Focus on Pay

Here are some of the current projects we are working on:

Performing an executive compensation study for a health care management organization.

Conducting a base compensation and structure analysis study for a property and casualty insurance company.

Updating base compensation and structure, and assessing the benefits package of an energy resources and efficiency organization.

Performing an executive compensation study for a nonprofit biomedical research organization.

Developing human resources career ladders for a utility.

Completing a global executive compensation study for a large international biotechnology company.

Conducting a base compensation study for a private university.

Performing a benefits package analysis for a large nonprofit organization.

Providing ongoing human resources management services, including strategic planning, job description development, and market pricing to a nonprofit manufacturing services organization.

Kicking off an executive compensation project for a biotechnology company.

Updating base compensation and making adjustments to the pay structure of a large business association organization.

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey for a youth and leadership camp.

Performing an executive compensation market analysis study for a health care organization.

Conducting a staff base compensation market analysis for a large nonprofit organization.

Updating base compensation market pricing and adjusting the pay structure of a health care services organization.

Providing succession and transition plan development guidance to a foundation.

Conducting a staff base compensation study for a nonprofit advocacy organization.









Health Care Reform

QTI understands that Health Care Reform (HCR) will have a profound impact on every organization’s most valuable asset – its people/talent – with corresponding challenges and opportunities for Human Resources Departments, Employment Brands, Workforce Planning, and Total Rewards strategies. A full and deep understanding of HCR requires expertise and experience across the full range of HR practice areas.  Learn about QTI’s valuable interdisciplinary approach to HCR and how your company can benefit from our full range of HR experience.