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Executive Search Process

The QTI Group’s executive search practice follows a search process that is rigorously comprehensive, yet customizable to the unique needs of each client and each position.

A typical example of our executive search process:

 Step 1: Planning the Search

  • Development of selection process and criteria
  • Development of position profile and candidate specifications
  • Development of specialized marketing and advertising pieces
  • Development of research and outreach strategy to generate qualified applicant pool

Typical timing: 1-2 weeks

Step 2: Search and Recruitment

  • Candidate development and outreach via multiple methods
    • Outreach to individuals in our existing network
    • Outreach to individuals in professional, industry and diversity specific associations
    • Use of various name generation methods
    • Use of professional social networking sites
    • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Review, screening and evaluation of candidates
  • Presentation of candidate dossier (candidate summary, resume, recruiter recommendation)
  • Recommendation of top candidates for interview by client’s HR and hiring teams
  • Facilitation of client team’s interviews
  • Validated personality assessments of finalist candidates     

Typical Timing: 4-12 weeks

Step 3: Hiring

  • Background and reference checks on finalist(s)
  • Formulation of offer, with compensation consulting as needed
  • Negotiation and facilitation of offer acceptance
  • Assistance in managing the interpersonal and organizational dynamics that often occur around the job offer
  • Post-hire: ongoing follow-up, coaching and integration support 

Typical Timing: 1-6 weeks

Total typical timing: 6-20 weeks (depending upon the unique process and circumstances of each search)



We are continually adding to our list of active Executive search opportunities.  Click here to see a sample of our current searches.


Chief Executive Officer at a leading statewide industry association

Chief Executive Officer at a regional chapter of an international diversified philanthropic organization

Chief Executive Officer at a private law partnership

Chief Executive Officer with a Dane County non-profit organization

Chief Financial Officer at a leading health insurer

Chief Information Offiicer of a higher education foundation

Director of Internal Audit at large institutional investor

Vice President of Human Resources with a technology sales and services organization

Vice President – Senior Business Lender with a financial services organization

Chief Financial Officer at a privately-held consumer products distributor

Chief Financial Officer at a major private scientific foundation

Chief Financial Officer at a retail distributor

General Counsel at a Wisconsin based utility

Head Trader at an institutional investor


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