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Executive Search: CEO and Other Executive Leadership

A company’s transition from one leader to the next is a passage fraught with peril. The QTI Group’s executive search team has the deep experience and consultative expertise to help your organization navigate this difficult passage safely every time, avoiding the risks and capturing the opportunities inherent in leadership succession.

We have helped many clients take their business to the next level through the hiring of new executive leadership, including: 

We at The QTI Group understand that leadership succession has the power to transform your business and senior executive hiring and therefore requires a process that considers your organization’s mission, vision, values, culture and long-range strategic goals. Our executive search consultants leverage proven consulting methodologies to bring that thoughtful, rigorous analysis to leadership hiring.

Unlike most executive search firms, The QTI Group’s multi-service corporate structure empowers our executive search team to leverage proven consulting methodologies (and the consultants who develop and implement those methodologies) to conduct strategic organizational assessment and multi-method job analysis, including competency modeling. These deliverables help our team gain a rich understanding of the strategic outlook and future needs of your organization, translate these needs into the organizational-specific requirements of the leader’s role and determine the underlying competencies required to succeed in that role.

Our candidate research and outreach process to find, attract and assess leadership talent is highly structured but customized to the unique needs of every client and every position. With every hire, we remain consultative partners to enable strong integration of the hired executive as the foundation for a fast, effective start and a long, productive tenure.

At times of change in your organization’s leadership team, the stakes are high, the risks are real and the opportunities are vast. Engage The QTI Group as the strategic partner you can trust to give you every advantage on the path to success in leadership hiring.



We are continually adding to our list of active Executive search opportunities.  Click here to see a sample of our current searches.


Chief Executive Officer at a leading statewide industry association

Chief Executive Officer at a regional chapter of an international diversified philanthropic organization

Chief Executive Officer at a private law partnership

Chief Executive Officer with a Dane County non-profit organization

Chief Financial Officer at a leading health insurer

Chief Information Offiicer of a higher education foundation

Director of Internal Audit at large institutional investor

Vice President of Human Resources with a technology sales and services organization

Vice President – Senior Business Lender with a financial services organization

Chief Financial Officer at a privately-held consumer products distributor

Chief Financial Officer at a major private scientific foundation

Chief Financial Officer at a retail distributor

General Counsel at a Wisconsin based utility

Head Trader at an institutional investor


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