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Outsourced Investigation Services

Has your organization received an employee complaint alleging unfair treatment, harassment or other workplace misconduct? 

Investigating employee complaints frequently involves complicated legal, practical and personal issues for your organization.  The risks associated with an ineffective investigation are well documented: loss of staff morale, loss of confidentiality, and an increased chance of litigation.  To further complicate matters, some organizations must follow certain prescribed steps when responding to employee complaints (publicly-traded companies must consider Sarbanes-Oxley, public and quasi-public employers must consider potential due process rights, and organizations with union-represented employees must consider labor agreements and certain labor laws).

Let QTI’s 50+ years of human resources experience help you through this minefield of risk.  Our experience has demonstrated that properly handled investigations are actually opportunities: opportunities to save your organization time and money by resolving workplace conflict, avoiding costly litigation, and showing your staff that your organization is both fair and responsive. 

Successful investigations require skilled and well-trained investigators.  QTI investigators are all certified and experienced professionals that understand the importance of confidentiality, the proper investigative process, best-practice documentation and employee relations law.

Does your organization have in-house counsel or outside counsel?  If your attorney conducts the investigation, there is a significant risk that your attorney will become a fact witness and your attorney-client privilege could be lost.  Attorneys now rarely conduct employee relations investigations for these reasons.  In such situations, our investigators would work with your organization’s legal representative to protect the attorney-client privilege while we conduct the investigation. 

Relying on outside experienced investigators will not only free your staff to focus on their regular duties, but it will also ensure the proper investigative process is used to maximize the best possible outcome. 

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