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Delivering on your mission is critical.  Raising funds, recruiting and coordinating volunteers and helping the community are vital for your organization.  We share your passion and mission which is why our comprehensive not-for-profit Recruitment and Human Resources solutions are designed to deliver results, provide you with peace of mind and give you more time to focus on your organization’s mission.  With extensive experience in health and human services, the arts and foundations, we work to understand your specific needs, advise you on best practices and connect you to the right talent or HR solution for your organization.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

An experienced team of HR professionals is available to enable you to cost-effectively manage HR compliance, employee benefits, payroll, unemployment insurance claims and workers’ compensation risk.  To support your in-house HR staff or in lieu of designated HR staff, you can access a full team of HR professionals whose “cost” is spread across many employers.

  • HR Partnerships (ASO & PEO):  Provide integrated HR, payroll administration, comprehensive benefits and benefits administration and management of worker’s compensation risk and unemployment insurance account

  • HR Assistance, HR Assistance Plus and HR Investigations:  Full suite of HR services or project-based work such as investigations, handbooks, policies or procedures

  • HR Assessment:  Appraises compliance of existing HR policies and procedures

  • HR Workshops:  Train staff on a variety of HR topics, customized to suit organizational culture and needs

Leadership Succession Planning

The right succession plan assesses bench strength, identifies training and development needs and highlights areas where the organization is particularly susceptible to the departure of a key staff member. The plan also lays out step-by-step activities for managing through a change in senior leadership.  The process should include all key stakeholders and align with your strategic plan.

We will customize a succession plan that is specific to your culture, labor market and organizational structure.  In addition, when key staff departures occur, The QTI Group is ready to manage all the steps necessary to recruit top replacement talent.

 Executive Search

We invest considerable time and effort developing a keen understanding of your organization's unique leadership requirements, its culture and the challenges it may face in achieving its mission. Through our broad network of relationships, we are well-positioned to identify sought after leadership talent across multiple sectors and disciplines. 

  • Our knowledge of non-profits spans a variety of domains including social and human services, educational, cultural, trade associations and foundations. Our powerful, proven search methodologies and client-centered focus ensures a custom approach which is aligned to your mission, vision, and long-term strategy. This allows us to bring forward the right leadership talent to address your organization’s strategic needs.
  • The breadth of our experience includes development of close and successful partnerships with volunteer search committees during which we provide guidance throughout the search process and facilitate consensus building. Our human resources expertise ensures that talent is assessed properly and the compensation package is structured appropriately.

Executive Compensation

We are frequently called upon to provide an independent evaluation of the reasonableness of compensation compared to a benchmark group of similar organizations.  By investing in, and publishing our own compensation surveys, we have a wealth of information to inform your pay decision.  We work with Boards as an independent, trusted partner, and guide not-for-profit organizations through a process that creates a “rebuttable presumption of reasonableness”. 

A mutual commitment creates a powerful partnership which allows us to specialize in bringing your organization together with leading senior and executive level talent and comprehensive HR solutions. 

Contact us to learn more about QTI’s non-profit search practice or review our customer testimonials to learn about their experience.